The Blast Furnace is a monthly meetup, competition & education session

aimed at all levels of programmers.

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Our events are held monthly, check here for the next events time & schedule.

Each Blastfurnace event is organised into three main areas. Introduction to coding for beginners, coding competitions for intermediate skill levels & project-based collaborations for advanced coders.


10th June, 2021


6:30pm - 9pm


Dashworks Makespace

Rapidly building & hosting a website for free
Want to build a website as quickly as possible with little to no code and host it for free? This month, Sharlene and Sora will be walking you through how to easily setup up a blogging/portfolio website with Hugo. You will be able to focus on your content by writing in Markdown, while Hugo deals with displaying them on a chosen pre-built theme and templating that comes with it. Once your website is ready to be on the Internet, you will learn how to host it for free on Netlify using GitHub.

Sharlene & Sora

Sora and Sharlene are interested in learning new tech outside work and finding ways to have a more balanced life between work, life and mental health Sora Khan works as a Full Stack Developer at SAPHI Engineering Sharlene Von Drehnen works as a Software Developer at XMPro/Professional Advantage. They have a passion for coming up with tech solutions and also helping other people grow

Each Blastfurnace is carefully structured to accomodate all skill levels!
Welcome to Blast Furnace

Each Blast Furnace starts with an introduction to all coders and a break down of the coding languages and challenges we will be tackling. The guest presenter for the beginner section is introduced and the rules are covered for the coders doing the comps. We take a sneak peek at next month’s event before getting stuck into coding!.

CODE Learn to code.

This section will run through the basics of coding for using the technology of the night. Will be a Do-as-I-Do format where the participants follow the presenter after some basic introduction. This should not be too in-depth and will walk you through the “Hello World” of the technology or software we will be using for this event. This will run for 1 hour.

COLLABORATE For all coders!

Interactive session where all members form groups and work on writing some code together to compete with other groups at the end or just generally complete the challenges set out. This follows a pizza break after the first hour. The goal for this section is to work together to write code. This is where the pros can teach the new comers. The challenges are designed by the presenter, in collaboration with the Blast Furnace organisers.

We’d love to see you at our next event
All Blastfurnace attendee’s will keep track of their progress through their free CYFERLinx profile. Sign up before you come or we can sign you up on the day to access lessons, projects, keep track of your points & view the leaderboard.
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The Blastfurnace is proudly supported by SISP.

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